Aldenco´s Business Idea


"to evaluate, guide and manage 

commercial development projects 

within the Life Sciences Area" 


Aldenco co-operates with leading experts and organizations within the areas of


Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Regulatory Services & CRO's

Innovative Technologies &  Drug Delivery

Medical Devices & New Treatment Concepts

Early Financing & Venture Capital 


Ingemar B Aldén is personally engaged

 as Director of the Board / Chairman

in several start up companies 

ALDENCO was established in 1989, with main focus on Strategic Management Issues in the Healthcare Industry. 


Since then, we have participated in a good number of Starting Up, Restructuring and Merger Processes. Those have primarily been addressing situations at subsidiary levels of multinational companies in the Anglo-Saxon Country sphere and with the Nordic Region as natural Business Area. 


During recent years we have been focusing our efforts mainly on evaluating and guiding a good number of Start-Ups within the Life Science Area, Development Projects related to Medical Device Technology in various application fields, SMEs with targeted therapeutic approach, Drug Delivery Systems and NanoBioTechnology.


Ingemar B. Aldén, has more than 20 years experience from executive positions in leading multinational groups, such as Astra, Merck & Co., Hoechst and HMR. He is also acting as Speaking Partner and Senior Adviser to CEO's, Operating Committees, Business Area Managers and other Divisional Heads regarding all aspects of Organizational Development, including Mentorship and recommendations for Individual Development Plans as well as Team Building Programs. 


As a member of the Swedish Academy of Directors he also offers active participation at Board level, primarily in organizations related to our fields of activity. 


Also for your information:

Ingemar Aldén retired as Management Consultant for new clients in 2016,

but is still available for old clients on a needs basis.